Service Navigation


 ACAP’s Service Navigation Team streamlines the way our agency interfaces with the community. It is the point

of entry for all agency programs and acts as an information hub for those in need of local resources. Our Team

are the first people you interact with here at ACAP and they are always  available to you. Service Navigation

ensures that each person: is informed on what we have to offer, are guided through the application



process, and are connected to the program or resource that meets their needs.

Having trouble finding a job?

We provide many skill trainings to help you, and we can get you ready for those interviews.


Worried about your child’s education?

Having access to quality comprehensive childhood education statistically improves your child’s odds for the future.

They will have a higher literacy rate, have a better chance of getting into college, among many other wonderful benefits.

In our Head Start program, your child won’t be a number. They will be a child who has a chance.


Do you feel like you don’t have any resources in our community?

We offer a variety of opportunities to help our community and their needs.


Having trouble accessing your home efficiently? Or feel like you’re paying too much for heat in the Winter?

Our Weatherization crew may be able to help. For example, we try to accomodate those with physical disabilities or

handicaps so that their homes may be more comfortable.


Schedule an appointment today and find out if you’re eligible!

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