Strategic Plan 2017-2021


In May of 2016, the Albany Community Action Partnership (ACAP) initiated a strategic planning process to identify and establish priorities that will guide the development and utilization of human and financial resources toward greater customer and community impact during the next five years. For more information, see the attached 2017-2021 Strategic Plan PDF


The Board of Directors and Senior Management Staff noted the need to address these organizational priorities:

  • Ensure that program growth and development is aligned with the mission, meets community needs, and are funded in a way that enables both programs and the organization as a whole to be viable and sustainable.
  • Ensure that the strategic plan is fully embraced by the Board of Directors and used pro-actively to drive organizational priorities, budgeting, and action planning.
  • Develop an active board presence in fund development, engaging individual donors, community groups and other supporters, and generating reliable financial and in-kind support.


ACAP works in partnership with families and communities to empower people to achieve economic self-sufficiency and an improved quality of life.


The Albany Community Action Partnership is:

  • A trusted and reliable leader in community relationships.
  • A leader in business operations, demonstrating continual improvement in the skills, systems and teamwork that create excellence.
  • A good neighbor, investing human and financial resources in the communities around us.
  • A leading advocate, naming and breaking down societal barriers to economic self-sufficiency.
  • An innovator and collaborator, allied with other organizations that seek creative, intentional solutions to longtime challenges and changing community needs.


Values/Guiding Principles

  • Our community includes a diverse array of people and institutions. We respect this diversity, each person’s life circumstances, and the privacy of every individual we serve.  We recognize that we are stronger by working together and by accepting our differences as well as our commonalities.
  • We will be pro-active in meeting customer needs, addressing community issues, and striving for excellence in all that we do.  We believe that people should be empowered to self-advocate, assume responsibility, become self-sufficient, and use their inherent strengths to thrive and succeed. 
  • We see partnership as the catalyst for achieving our goals.  We work collaboratively with the families we serve as well as with stakeholders who share our values.


2017-2021 Strategic Plan

2013-2015 Strategic Plan